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Paraffin Wax

In this treatment, the wax is melted to a certain degree of temperature. Then the aching hand or feet is dipped into the melted wax in a way so as to form a layer of such coating over the dipped areas of the skin. As you remove the dipped parts from the solution, the wax begins to dry and has a cooling effect. Dip again after the wax dries over your feet or hands and pull out like before thereby lending giving a double coat to the area under stress or pain. The next step is to cover the coated region with a towel to trap the heat from the paraffin wax. This heat cures the joint and muscle aches which arise on account of diseases like arthritis and  fibromyalgia. After application remove the wax which can be easily peeled off. Discard the wax peel and do not place it back in the paraffin wax bath or solution again. Paraffin wax treatment also increases the blood circulation in the body which further contributes in lending a nourished and healthy exterior or skin. This therapy introduces one to a renewed and healing experience where the pores of the skin open further for the entry of healthy nutrients that help in making the skin look more soft and supple.
Paraffin wax is non toxic and does not react with other substances to cause any harm to the skin.



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